What’s it all about


I’m an author of fantasy and science fiction books, a minor performer in the musical arts, and a semi-pro photographer, with a keen interest in language, mathematics, and related crafts, such as textile production.

As a writer, I am fascinated by the way that language instantiates its historic roots, with rhetoric surviving across the centuries.

As a fiddler and singer, I encounter tunes that trigger my intellectual curiosity: why does it work that way, how did it return to that spot, what makes that effect possible, and so forth.

As a photographer, I stumble upon compositions that are surprisingly effective. Why and how do they work?

I am drawn to exploring what is happening in these situations, how my sense of delight is triggered. The analysis is just as interesting to me as the initial perceptive act.

My goal is to illuminate how my own mind works (and maybe yours, too), and to let you listen in. This will not be a platform for academic studies and broad conclusions in psychology and the arts. If you explore with me, you’ll be learning about traditional British and Scandinavian folk music, the field sports, dead languages, live crafts, and a variety of esoteric areas.